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Quarter Rounds Alexander Heights

Setting up Quarter Rounds

Thinking of installing quarter rounds in your Alexander Heights home? Or are you only planning on installing skirting boards in your Alexander Heights house?

Well, sometimes you are in the know or sometimes you are pretty much unaware what Quarter Rounds Alexander Heights or even a baseboard is and that is where the experts of Betta Floor Sanding and Services can pitch in.

We are experts in any type of flooring services and if you are looking to add quarter rounds or accentuate your home with moulding architraves which are essentially fixtures placed on doors and arches, or if you want to fix quarter rounds or skirting boardsto help cover gaps or wiring, then we are good for that.

Now essentially, both skirting boards and baseboard are essentially one and the same, just that they are called differently. So a baseboard also serves the same purpose of skirting boards and if you want this installed in your Alexander Heights home, contact us.

So in the world of flooring and flooring services, you can rely on Betta Floor Sanding and Services for setting up quarter rounds, installing skirting boards and baseboard in your house in Alexander Heights. And whatever you are seeking, reliable services, competitive pricing and of course good expertise, you can surely get that from us. All that you have to do is call us on 0409082026 or write in to,

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