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Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is a process where the top façade or surface of a timber, wooden floor are sanded with some specific equipment or sanding machines. Also abrasive materials are used for the purpose of sanding. With sanding the floors look better than before and it even betters it.

The floors that can be sanded include particleboard, timber, or parquet. The longevity of many floors is extended via floor sanding service and they are made in such a way that with time, regular sanding is required. In most cases, older floors are sanded and prepped. As part of sanding, the processes entailed include, preparation, sanding, coating, and adding a protective sealant.

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Laminated Floors

Laminate wood flooring is typically made of composite wood material. Laminated flooring is cheaper, long-lasting, and durable and can sustain a lot of traffic and wear and tear and can practically be placed in any part of the building or house. And therefore, it is easy to maintain too. It is scratch-resistant and it comes in a variety of designs, textures, and finishes.

And if you want this versatile flooring installed in your home or office, Betta Floor Sanding & Services is who you can reach out to as we have extensive experience in installing laminated floors.

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Pre engineered Floors

Pre engineered flooring almost looks as good as real hardwood floors. They are less pricey than timber floors and are easier to install, maintain and are durable. This type of flooring is made elsewhere and placed at site. They are moisture resistant and stable too. They are very eco-friendly and sustainable and can be either glued or nailed down. They serve as a good cover over existing flooring or are perfect for the balcony or first floor areas.

It is basically made of veneer and it comes in two or more layers. They come in a range of styles, finishes, and stains. These days they make the perfect alternative to hardwood floors and many people are increasingly opting for this.

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Floor Trims

Floor Trims are typically used when two ends of the flooring are connected or meet each other and in such instances, floor trims are opted for. They are either made of timber, wood or even vinyl and it almost matches the floor too. They are either taped or glued to the walls.

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Splay Beading

Be it Splay beading or skirting its biggest advantage or the reason why it is incorporated in the first place as part of the flooring is that it covers any apparent expansion gap between the walls and the flooring. This in a way gives it a neat, finishing touch and completes the whole look and feel. Splay beading is typically fixed in areas where there are sliding doors, placed under kitchen cupboards and also cupboards in other areas of the house.

Splay beading is typically made of timber and in most cases, the colour and type matches the floor and is fixed, nailed or glued in. And we at Betta Floor Sanding and Services offer one of the best Splay beading services available.

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Quarter Rounds

Quarter rounds are not always required or mandatory. These are flooring joints that are placed between the flooring and the baseboard. Most people opt for it because it looks attractive and has an aesthetic appearance. It more or less covers uneven edges especially in areas where the flooring meets the baseboard.

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Skirting Boards

Skirting Boards are normally made of PVC, MDF, or even wooden boards. They are affixed alongside the base of an interior wall. They are nailed, screwed, or even bonded with superglue to the walls. They can be polished or painted and can either be plain or decorative. It comes with immense benefits like it helps hide ugly wiring, helps cover any apparent gaps, acts as a decorative feature, and also averts any future damage to walls, painting etc.

Skirting and Splay bleading are inter-related services. In places where skirting is required or needed then skirting is opted for and vice versa when it comes to splay beading.

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